Free New York Legal Forms – Estate, Probate, Surrogate’s Court Guardianship

For your convenience, I have prepared a list of estate, guardianship and probate related New York legal forms that you can download and use for free.  Some of the forms are provided by the New York State Court System while others are provided by attorneys.  If you have questions after reviewing a form, I urge […]

How to Make a Claim Against the Estate of a New York Decedent

In New York, the Executor or Administrator of an estate is obligated to address all claims presented within the prescribed time frame and in the form set forth by law. Failure to comply with the requirements

Probate Attorney Fees – How Much Does Probate Cost?

When meeting with prospective probate / administration clients, the most often asked question is “how much are the legal fees going to be?” Of course, the answer depends upon the facts of the case and how complicated the required legal work is. Also, the fee depends on