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Helping Your Family to Avoid Conflict

Many Americans are woefully unprepared for the unexpected; and that is understandable. Most people do not enjoy contemplating their own demise, and will latch on to any opportunity to avoid the topic. Many people feel differently, however, when someone presents the issue to them in a different way–namely, that establishing a will or a trust is not about you, it is about your family. In the event of your death, your family will be suffering enough, so why impose the potential for conflict that arises out of uncertainty about your last wishes?

New York probate attorney Rudolf J. Karvay is a trusted resource for individuals seeking to make their wishes known through trusts and last wills and testaments. Keep reading to learn how these important tools can help you and your family achieve clarity about the transfer of your property. [continue reading…]


Common and Costly Estate Planning Errors

It is not uncommon for even the very wealthy or public figures to miss the boat when it comes to proper estate planning. While you might think that you are too young, too poor, or too healthy to have to think about estate planning, it is simply not the case. Far too many individuals pass away unexpectedly, and even if they own only modest assets, real difficulties, financial and otherwise, can result if there are no appropriate estate plans in place. This situation also can result in substantial disagreements between your survivors, which will not be a pleasant experience for your family. As a Consumer Reports article points out, it is very worthwhile to take the time to plan things out in formal legal documents, even if the need to use those documents never arises. [continue reading…]


Inheritance Rights of Posthumously Conceived Children

invitroThanks to the advancement of technology, couples who are suffering through infertility now have a chance to get pregnant. The most widely known treatment is in vitro fertilization. Through this method, there is a chance for children to be born after one or both parents die. This presents a whole new set of legal ramifications, such as the question of their inheritance rights. Our laws must also change to coincide with technology continuing to advance rapidly. [continue reading…]


Disinheriting Your Spouse

Disinheriting a SpouseWhile it is more common to hear of people disinheriting their adult children, disinheriting a spouse is rare. That is because in the State of New York, you cannot disinherit your spouse. You cannot leave the surviving spouse with nothing nor can you leave the surviving spouse with a mere portion of your estate. Stating it in your will or leaving your spouse completely unmentioned in your will is not enough to disinherit your spouse, despite your reasoning. [continue reading…]


Taking Care of Your Pets After You Die

Estate planning for your petsNon-animal lovers may find it hard to believe, but more and more pet owners are leaving their fortune to their pets. Joan Rivers made sure her dogs were taken care of after she passed away by including them in her estate planning. Leona Helmsley also left her dog millions in her will. Estate planning for pets is not exclusive to the rich and famous. Instead, it is for owners that consider their pets as members of the family and not mere property. To ensure that your pets are cared for, consider including them in your estate planning. [continue reading…]