Helping Your Family to Avoid Conflict

Many Americans are woefully unprepared for the unexpected; and that is understandable. Most people do not enjoy contemplating their own demise, and will latch on to any opportunity to avoid the topic.

Many people feel differently, however, when someone presents the issue to them in a different way–namely, that establishing a will or a trust is not about you, it is about your family. In the event of your death, your family will be suffering enough, so why impose the potential for conflict that arises out of uncertainty about your last wishes?

New York probate attorney Rudolf J. Karvay is a trusted resource for individuals seeking to make their wishes known through trusts and last wills and testaments. Keep reading to learn how these important tools can help you and your family achieve clarity about the transfer of your property.

Eliminating Ambiguity

The biggest enemy in any probate case is ambiguity. Ambiguity creates conflict. It causes acute stress among your loved ones. It can even tear families apart. One article in Main Street is a case in point, describing a New York family left in a messy situation sorting out the wishes of their dying, incapacitated mother.

Well-drafted wills and trusts eliminate ambiguity. While you are in good health and of sound mind, you can sit down and designate the transfer of all of your assets and belongings. This helps immensely in eliminating the potential for conflict in the event of your death. It also provides you with lasting peace of mind.

Ensuring that Your Wishes are Acted Upon

During your lifetime, you have likely had some conversations with family members about your final wishes. The problem is, nobody will know or remember your wishes for certain unless they are clearly written in a legal document. Without a will, your family and loved ones will be left guessing about your wishes, and guessing is a recipe for conflict.

A will can designate such important matters as who gets your property when you die, who obtains guardianship of your minor children, and who manages your most important affairs. It is a critical roadmap for family members who are often lost in grief.

The Importance of a Qualified Attorney

Despite the benefits of wills and trusts toward preventing conflict, contested wills are a common occurrence. This is especially true for wills that are poorly drafted or that do not follow proper rules and procedures.

To ensure that your will shall stand as a proper testament to your final wishes, it is important to consult with an experienced probate attorney who understands all applicable laws to your unique situation.

Attorney Rudolf J. Karvay is experienced in all aspects of probate law. As someone who has been through many cases of contested probate matters, he understands issues of critical important to resolve right away in the drafting of a last will and testament. Contact him today to set up a meeting with a skilled probate and estate planning lawyer.

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