Estate Planning, a somber quest

In the twilight of life’s grand parade,
Where memories of yore are softly laid,
A task awaits, both wise and brave,
To chart the course beyond the grave.

Estate planning, a somber quest,
Ensures our legacy finds its rest,
With foresight, love, and careful thought,
A map of treasures, dearly bought.

We gather close, our kin and friends,
To weave a tapestry that transcends,
The bonds of time, and life’s brief stay,
A final gift, our love’s display.

With pen in hand, we forge a will,
A document, our dreams to distill,
To pass along our cherished trove,
A testament of life’s grand oeuvre.

Trusts we form, a shelter strong,
To guard our kin when we’ve moved on,
A fortress built with love and care,
To cradle hearts, and dreams to bear.

Our assets gathered, one and all,
Divided fair, a balanced call,
To honor those who share our name,
And stoke the fire of our family’s flame.

As guardians, we do bequeath,
The wisdom, love, and life’s motif,
To guide the young and nurture hope,
With sturdy hands, they’ll learn to cope.

In charity, we cast our grace,
A lasting gift for the human race,
A pledge of hope to those in need,
With open hearts, we plant the seed.

And in these choices, we transcend,
The fleeting nature of life’s end,
With every plan and careful deed,
We write a verse in life’s grand creed.

So take the time, this task embrace,
In estate planning, find your place,
And as the sun sets, you will see,
A legacy of love and life’s decree.

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