New York’s 1310 Affidavit – How To Guide

The 1310 Affidavit, a gem hidden within New York's SCPA regulations, allows certain relatives and funeral creditors to collect a decedent's assets without filing any papers in court. This not only saves you time and money but also spares you the headache of navigating the bureaucratic maze of the legal system.

The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Small Estate Assets with the 1310 Affidavit

Collect a small estate without going to court and paying lawyer fees. Our eBook shows you how with free NY 1310 Affidavit forms.
Includes Free 1310 Affidavit Forms

Our eBook will guide you through the process of collecting a New York deceased person’s assets using the 1310 Small Estate Affidavit. Using our eBook and free forms you can collect money or securities from the decedent’s banks, insurers, government agencies, employers and other institutions. We show you how to do it step-by-step.

  • A wife or husband can collect up to $30,000 immediately
  • After 30 days from the date of death, eligible relatives and funeral creditors can collect up to $15,000
  • After six months, other relatives and funeral creditors can collect up to $5,000

The Benefits of Using the 1310 Affidavit

  • Simplicity: no court involvement.
  • Cost-effective: save on legal fees and court costs.
  • Time-saving: access the decedent’s funds more quickly than through probate.

Get Instant Access to All Essential Forms – Completely Free!

Our eBook comes with easy to use 1310 affidavit forms, foolproof instructions, and a suggested cover letter.

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